Saturday, October 07, 2006

New York blues

I'm a cricket fan, but I'm also a baseball fan. And today isn't such a happy day if you are a baseball fan in New York City (for one kind of baseball fan at least). The Yankees are gone, out of the playoffs. But it allows me to explore something I haven't done in a while; root for the Mets. Unlike most baseball fans in New York, I cheer for teams on the basis of geographical location (its what you get by growing up cheering for teams on a nationalistic basis). So I don't care much for the franchise but for the players and the cities they represent. So, now, I'll cheer for the Mets. I'm a New Yorker, after all. Yes, yes, a true New Yorker would only cheer for one team. But all I said was that I'm a New Yorker. Not a 'true' one. Whatever that means. And isn't part of being a New Yorker that you can redefine the term any way you want?


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