Monday, October 23, 2006


The ICC, ECB and PCB remain locked in a tussle for moolah. More accurately, the ECB demands the PCB pay up for forfeiting the Oval test, and the PCB assigns full responsibility to Darrell Hair. The ECB and PCB should take this case to court; lawyers would have a field day with the PCB's claim that they bore no responsibility whatsoever (apparently, the Pakistani captain had had his free-will circuitry removed by Darrell Hair), and of course, the PCB will point to the dismissed ball-tampering charge as well as the fact that Hair refused to start the game when everyone else was ready to get going. When two thick-headed, stubborn, ultimately paranoid entities meet, they affect everyone, but themselves, adversely. Pakistani cricket has not suffered as a result of Ovalgate; this affair is a minor one for them. Darrel Hair hasn't suffered; fat book contracts are on the way. The ICC couldn't care less; the BCCI will come up with plenty of money to float the worldwide game. Those eternal suckers, the fans, will just line up and pay through their nose for the next game. Back to the regularly scheduled programming.


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