Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Clash of the 'Titans'

Pardon me, but I do find the latest spat between the BCCI and the ICC quite hilarious. Speed does quite a bit of huffing-n-puffing but really, whose house is going to get blown down when push comes to shove? The ICC has very little credibility after the Ovalgate fiasco (the BCCI will have noticed how they capitulated to just about everyone in that mess) and the BCCI has all the money. Gee, tough call. I think one thing the ICC needs to do is stop handing out lectures in the media. I can assure him, no one in the BCCI will listen, and the language used to describe ineffectual marionettes like Speed is not very complimentary at the best of times. Cricket sold out to Mammon a long time ago; lets just enjoy the ride now. We could do without all the false moralizing. Speed was the man behind the World Super Test bonanza/fiasco, wasn't he? And isn't this just about who gets a bigger slice of the pie? And aren't Speed's comments about not conducting battles through the media rather precious after his leaking of the Darrell Hair email?

Incidentally, why does Cricinfo term Modi's comments a "slur"? Those guys need a dictionary - and some new servers for the Champions Trophy.


Blogger Mohan said...

My only concern is BCCI has not been aggressive enough in flexing its financial muscle. They should just take over world cricket and run it like NBA/NFL etc. I think it is outrageous that ICC and all the other boards are making hundreds of millions of dollars from Indian market every year. It has got to stop. Let the money generated from Indian market stay within India.

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