Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Bolshy Bindra and coming full circle

Andrew Miller reports on IS Bindra's response to Mike Coward's article slamming the ICC. Miller has a giggle, as all correspondents over at Cricinfo (seeing as the correspondents are such classy old-money folks) usually do at the noveau-riche BCCI at Bindra's adopting the older meaning of "bolshy". Fair enough. But why doesn't Miller link to Bindra's piece? Where is it? He does link to Coward's piece after all.

And then there is Stephen Fleming who apparently needs a geometry lesson as he claims that "my style of captaincy has gone 360 degrees". So, all those 194 one-day internationals behind you, and all you can do is captain exactly the way you did when you started? More charitably, perhaps Fleming means he has explored every single captaincy style there is out there? Whats he trying to get at, exactly? (I have an idea but he isn't being clear)


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