Saturday, September 23, 2006

Which direction?

In the latest episode of the Warne-Buchanan saga, Gilchrist and Langer show off their support for the thing that gets them to the ground and back. Sorry, couldn't help it. Gilchrist goes on to say:

"I understand that some people might be uncertain about his philosophies but my overriding perception is that as a cricket coach and man manager his overall goal is to better his players as people. With that will come being better cricketers."

Interesting approach to coaching cricket players. Make them into better people, and from that will flow the qualities required to be better cricketers. Perhaps Buchanan utilizes the virtue ethics approach - stress the cultivation of virtuous practices rather than the rigid following of moral rules. The unselfish player then, when confronted with the choice of going slow for his century or speeding up in order to facilitate the team's declaration for a possible win, will pick the latter option. Or so the theory goes. This is all tongue-in-cheek. I have no idea what Buchanan's cricketing philosophies are, and which smorgasbord of coaching techniques has emerged from his eclectic readings and opinions. I'm just glad that Gilchrist (or Buchanan) did not make the converse claim: that being better cricketers would also make you into better people. If Buchanan would ever say that, I would laugh out loud, and send Warne a card for Christmas, congratulating him for telling it like it is.


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