Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A toe in

Just when you think its safe to go back into the blogging waters, along comes the big wave and washes you right back on shore. Sorry, mixed metaphors but they're appropriate. I've been too busy to write because I've been too busy writing.

Fine. Let me start again. I just finished a book, handed it in to the publisher, and then was hit with the start of the semester. To make things worse, I almost feel like there was too much to comment on what with Ovalgate, and then some real cricket that followed. But no test cricket. And now, another triangular one-day competition is upon us and I don't have any way of accessing the feed (actually, I do, its just that I'm broke, so can't afford a broadband subscription and there aren't any bars around me that are showing the games). But its good to know that 8% of Malaysia's population (that part which is of ethnic Indian descent) will be enjoying themselves for the next week or so. And lets not forget all the Australians working as expats in Singapore, who will surely make the journey across the KL-Singapore expressway to watch the games. (No, please, don't bring up the G word)

Meanwhile the Ashes hype continues and I'm sad to say, this is the ultimate proof of the Americanization of the game. The hype is like that to an American presidential election, which starts way too early, and almost invariably culminates in a damp squib. Well, we do get scandals and elections being stolen, but really, after Ovalgate, is that what cricket needs?


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