Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Here we go again

One sad little episode in Indian cricket continues as Saurav Ganguly is picked for the Challenger Trophy at home. While I'm glad to see Zaheer Khan playing as well (despite all his struggles over the years, Zaheer has managed to retain the original soft spot that he inspired thanks to his Nairobi debut in 2000), Ganguly's inclusion serves no purpose. He will not be picked for the national team, and all this ensures is that the Ganguly-Chappell wound remains open, festering away. I do not think for a second that Chappell is the savior of Indian cricket (nor, for that matter, is Dravid), but this issue needs to be put to rest, and much as I admired Ganguly (with some reservations) as a captain that did much to produce a new Indian team, his era, in this particular regime, seems done and dusted. But Zaheer, after a full season with Worcestershire, where he did well, and hopefully stayed fit and strong, and learned a few tricks, now has a chance to impress the management and make a serious attempt at a comeback. Zak is feisty; a decent bat, and on song, can be a high-quality swing bowler. On ya Zak. All yours to play for.


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