Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Wake me up when its over

A bomb explodes; people die; one cricket team decides it has enough; another one stays on (according to a Pakistani journalist, its because they're used to it at home); one game is washed out; then another. If you believed in signals from up on high, you'd have said that this tournament, this ill-fated triangular one-day international tournament, wasn't meant to be. Perhaps thats how one-day tournaments, all these junkets sprinkled all over the globe, should be treated in general. Not the bombs and dying people, no thanks, but some kind of interference that ensures they don't go through. I'm sounding a little harsh here, but I'm getting sick of these meaningless tournaments. Its one thing to have a bilateral series as part of a test tour; it spins the rivalry on display in tests in a different light, and perhaps lets some local lads get some international experience. But these tournaments, (in which suspiciously, the BCCI team, er, sorry, the Indian team always manages to be involved), are a different matter altogether. I'm not sorry to see this tourney bite the dust. India will stay on to play their games; I will dutifully check the scores; but thats about it.


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