Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Surprise and then not

I'm not sure what Duncan Fletcher thinks is being achieved by his public musings over whether Monty Panesar belongs in the team (all the while, these are underwritten by his deference to a man, Ashley Giles, who hasn't played cricket in a long while). If England can't take care of this young man, the first obvious spinning talent they've had in a while, then, well, .

Meanwhile, John Wright continues to stir up 'trouble' or so the remarkably thin-skinned Indian cricketing world would think. Seriously, Wright is not saying anything that would strike anyone as surprising: Indian selectors indulge in zonal quota mongering! Wow, what a surprise. Tendulkar was upset at having been denied his double hundred. Gee, who wouldn't be, after the remarkably poor communication between Dravid and him, Tendulkar's own slowness, and the failure to have a clear run or overs target to aim for?


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