Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Robert the Self-Important

A fairly pompous piece here by Bob Woolmer. He manages to place himself at the center of the Kerry Packer crisis, takes some credit for "precipitating change" in the apartheid regime, and disowns any role whatsoever in the match-fixing and ball-tampering messes (in the last one, to be fair, he didn't do anything - and therein lies the problem)

Sorry to burst your bubble, old chap, but political change in South Africa had something to do with years and years of slow, determined, political agitation. Really, how insufferable can cricketers get? You go off and play cricket, and you imagine that you are turning the wheels of power?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"precipitating change" in the apartheid regime

- that one caught my eye too - that must have been why Gooch was banned for three years and the West Indians tourists were banned for life.

9:57 AM  

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