Saturday, August 26, 2006

The golden handshake?

Could Ovalgate have gotten any worse? Now, Darrell Hair wants a golden handshake. I'm wondering if this will be enough to dispel the hero worship sent his way by some sections of the Aussie press (I haven't yet popped around to the Age, Australian and Sydney Morning Herald, or even the Telegraph). I doubt it, but who knows, this might be the last straw. Frankly, all his pronouncements after the incident, and most of his actions during, have reeked of a self-serving nature. And now this. How does cricket manage to tie itself into such wonderful pretzels. I suspect, as do lots of other people, that its excessively pompous self-image of itself has something to do with it. I cannot imagine any other sport setting up the kind of dichotomy cricket does between umpires and players.

Can we please have some cricket?


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