Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Getting it all wrong

Some extraordinary angst on display here by Omar Samiuddin, (who, by the way, like all good Pakistani journalists, can't resist making comparisons to India while talking about the Pakistani cricket team). One of Pakistan problems, of course, is how they persist with some bizarre no-hopers like Taufeeq Umar and Mohammed Sami. The latter must be quite possibly the worst fast bowler Pakistan have produced in a long time (are Pakistani fast bowling stocks really so thin?), and the former, other than playing the odd flashy square-drive, in a pale imitation of Saeed Anwar, doesn't look like he's going to get anywhere.

England are looking better for the Ashes, sure, but thats a long way away, and they still have plenty to time in which to get things wrong. Like the coach and captain not being able to bring themselves to encourage a young attacking spinner:

"There's still a nagging sense, however, that the management are dragging their heels, and this was borne out by Strauss's uncharacteristically grudging endorsement of another champion display from Panesar. "Monty's done everything that's been asked of him in this Test match," he flat-batted. "Every game he's played for England, he gets more settled in the side and hopefully he'll get better and better." Those aren't the words of a proud and forward-planning captain. Those are the words of a man toeing the party line."

Good on you England!

And theres Dean Jones, who's going to need to see a podiatrist to see if any serious damage was done to his feet due to them stuck for so long in his mouth. Gee, Deano. But, but, its not too surprising. Does anyone want to guess what sorts of lines will be directed towards Monty Panesar when he fields on the boundary line during the Ashes. Go ahead, take a guess. Write in, and tell me what you think the top 10 lines will be. If those folks were commentators, I bet they'd all get fired.


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