Thursday, July 27, 2006

Tests and Johnno

Its been close on two weeks since I've blogged, and it took two test matches to wake me from my "dogmatic slumbers". I'd loved to have seen the two first days on display today: England vs. Pakistan and Sri Lanka vs. South Africa. I find it interesting how when English pitches are dodgy, they are described as providing a healthy contest, while the same generous description somehow never gets applied to Indian pitches, which aid spin, and which almost invariably are described as "dustbowls", "minefields" and other things not conducive to the Good Life[tm]. But seriously, the sight of Harmison at full blast, backed up by a Sikh left-arm orthodox spinner, blowing away Pakistan on the first day would have been quite a visual treat. And Murali taking wickets is always a good one for the spectators (can those eyes burn any brighter).

Meanwhile, faithful readers, welcome John Sutton to Eye on Cricket. John is a philosopher and cricketer (and playwright, and damn good friend). Multi-dimensional indeed. He'll definitely blog on the Ashes (somehow, miraculously, he's scored tickets for three of the test matches), and I'm hoping he also gets time off from his many, many duties to be a regular player on this turf. Welcome Johnno!


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