Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Rot at the top

And here is a sad little note about a man who, despite having done enough in his career to be ranked as an all-time great, did nothing to show that he has matured. Brian Lara's comments, and behavior, throughout the series veered from the snide to the downright childish. Tony Cozier rightly takes him to task in this article. Lara's post-match comments were indeed wierd and painful to watch, and were a poignant reminder of how far West Indies cricket has fallen. West Indian fans must realize that they have a batting attack with plenty of potential (Gayle, Ganga, Sarwan, Lara, Chanderpaul); a genuine world-class allrounder in the making (Bravo); and the makings of a world-class fast bowling attack in Taylor and Edwards. Now, if only they could get a decent captain and some good pitches at home.


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