Monday, July 10, 2006

Light stuff, heavy stuff

This must be the longest post-surgery, recuperative vacation that any Indian cricketer has ever taken in England. Tendulkar has played for Lashings, bagged Center Court seats for Wimbledon, and now, played in a charity match at the Oval. Runs have flowed, and the great man is apparently easing himself back into things. I wonder what Tendulkar made of Wimbledon. Indians traditionally worship all things Wimbledon, and I wonder if at some point, he will be asked about his time in the VIP box, and whether his reactions will be along the lines of "A childhood dream come true". Meanwhile, on to serious cricket, as Pakistan gear up (sort of, what with all these injuries making them look like they want to keep up with England) for their test series. One injury they shouldn't worry too much about is Sami's. The man has never impressed me (as his figures will confirm). But losing Asif and Rana is a double blow, and England will breathe a little easier.


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