Saturday, July 01, 2006

Dileep the Immature

Dileep Premchandran is fast turning into an immature nitwit. Too many of his article are rants against folks who would dare criticize those cricketers he worships, or praise those he damns. Today, at the fag-end of the day's bulletin (and a dramatic day it was) he launches into a tirade against those who might have criticized Dravid:

"Those that have trashed him in recent weeks - especially the more fickle among the supporters - can get their bibs out. Humble pie, and lashing of it, awaits."

Amazing. The man is a senior editor at Wisden, has a platform from which he can speak to legions of fans, and all he can do is carry on with his ridiculous chastisements. Give it up. Grow up.


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