Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Just like the old times

This series in the West Indies has one test match left in it to try and avoid becoming that rarity in modern-day test cricket: the all-draws affair. Sadly, I can remember three other all-draw series, and all involved India and Pakistan (yeah, please, lay that "oh, what a great, riveting rivalry" line on someone else): 1989-90, 1984-85 (fine, one test was cancelled after Mrs. Gandhi's assassination), and 1983-84. Does anyone start to get a hint now of why some Indian fans are frustrated by draws, and the lack of enterprise shown by its test teams (and its excessively cautious captains? Like a certain Mr. Dravid who took refuge in history when explaining his decision to not go for a chase, thus committing himself to the genetic fallacy, and also to a certain blindness with respect to the match situation).


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