Friday, June 23, 2006


I must confess I'm not enjoying this series very much; the pitches are slow, and dismayingly, there seems to be little interest in test cricket in the West Indies. The grounds have been populated rather sparsely, lending a very desultory air to the proceedings. Even St. Kitts, which was seeing its first ever test match being played yesterday, couldn't rouse itself to send in a decent crowd to the game. Much of the game in the middle has an air of disinterest hanging over it, and I'm not surprised that the games have ended in draws (as this one looks likely to be, what with the loss of time yesterday and the promise of more to come). Much was made about how exciting the last day's play in the first test was (fair enough); but the second test was not such a ripper, and this one is headed downhill. But its the lack of crowds that irks one the most; cricket needs the right kind of stage to sparkle, and thats just not to be seen in this series.


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