Thursday, May 25, 2006

Very very special

This is a fairly articulate interview by cricketing standards (by Indian standards, its extraordinarily articulate). Back in the bad-old-days (before Kolkata 2001, and even before Sydney 2000), I spent a lot of time arguing for VVS Laxman on fora like IRC's #cricket. VVS couldn't somehow make the huge, killer ton, though he had already played several innings like the Barbados one he talks about in this interview, or his stand at Durban in 1996-97 or even his gritty fifty on debut at Ahmedabad in 1996. He finally came good, went on to establish a consistent standard, but somehow has never managed to convince folks that he still belongs. In full flow, he remains one of the world's most elegant batsmen (I remember Aussie fans at Sydney 2003-2004 telling me that they had never seen more stylish, powerful batting for a very long time - in fact, they found it hard to come up with a comparative performace). He handles pace better than most, is an excellent slip fielder (along with Dravid he provides India with a world-class slip cordon), and does not strike me as anything other than a loyal team-players. With Tendulkar gone, India will need him in the Windies - and his attitude sounds right. He comes across as intelligent, thoughtful, and with a keen cricketing brain ticking away. More power to you, VVS!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would beg to differ on this. First of all VVS is NOT an ODI player.
Secondly, while I do agree that he can be a fluent stroke maker at times(he reminds me of Azhar), his presence on the ground is never reassuring. I dont feel as confident when he comes out as I do when a Dravid or even a Yuvi is batting. He is a bad runner between the wickets, average fielder(barring when he is on the slip..agreed)and lacks consistency.
I would much rather that Kaif gets a chance for tests.

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