Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Two takes - one whip

The world of cricket is full of sensitive and insensitive folks alike; sometimes these facets reveal themselves in the same person. Consider, for instance, the BCCI's crackdown on Sehwag who said that Ganguly was, sometimes missed in the dressing room. Crack! Down comes the BCCI whip. No talking to the press; no talking about the past (hey, don't ever bring up that 309 again!); no possession of a personality period. We're too sensitive for that sort of thing. That same whip comes down when the issue of rest is mentioned. The BCCI thinks thats nonsense; they have a business to run; rival nation's boards to be bailed out of financial trouble; Gulf potentates or businessmen to be made happy. So, no rest for you. We're insensitive to those concerns. Manichean chaps, these BCCI types. (But the whip remains the same).


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