Monday, May 08, 2006

Rapid response interesting interaction with the folks over at Cricinfo. A few days ago, I saw this photo in their linked galleries. The original caption read "Javagal Srinath watches a Kashmiri Muslim boy bowl prior to selection for the MRF Pace Foundation, Srinagar, May 2, 2006". I was genuinely puzzled: why mention the kid's religion? Was the caption trying to make the point that Indian cricketers interacted with Muslims in Kashmir? (thats its some kind of bridge-building?). But those kinds of claims, unless made in some explicit political context, come off as glib, and unnecessarily inject division into a moment that could just have been about all Kashmiris - no matter what their religion (there are plenty of Kashmiris that aren't Muslim, believe it or not). So, I wrote to Cricinfo (perhaps a little too archly?):

"Is there any particular reason why the caption for this photo mentions the young lad's religion? Do you ever publish photos with captions like "Brett Lee watches a Queenslander Episcopalian bowl in the nets"? Or say, "Flintoff gives a Yorkshire Protestant batting tips"?

Amazingly, someone wrote back:

Dear Sir,
Thank you for pointing that out. It has been rectified now. We fully appreciate any feedback/suggestions from you. We look forward to your continued support.

Best Regards,
Cricinfo Helpdesk

And, the caption indeed had been changed. Gee, that was quick. Somehow, I sense my correspondent was Indian. Please write in with your guesses on why I think thats the case.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, that was astute. That caption just slipped past me, like so much that we've seen in articles and everything about Kashmir... god, I've gotten jaded. Kudos to you, for pointing it out.

Cricinfo is indeed an amazing publication. They have excellent, insightful and pretty much unbiased articles on cricket, and of course, a comprehensive website. Also, there quite a few Indians on the staff... the editor in chief is Indian, too.

I just came by the blog, to see what was up in this dry period, where there are no Indian matches... great job!

You have a wonderful blog, and a dedicated reader in me.


8:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Er, I realise some of the stuff rI wrote in the earlier comment re: Cricinfo, is kind of redundant to you and doesn't really have any relevance to the post.

Kindly forgive the oops!


8:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hehe, as a matter of fact I do live in Delhi. And its been a horrible, unbearably hot summer so far... surpassing too many records "hottest day in so-many years". Brutal doesn't cut it this time.

Heard about the SC not giving the India-West Indies feed to DD? Atleast, the radio commentary will still be there... its really a lifeline on the streets of Delhi.


PS: Are you there on Orkut?

11:29 AM  

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