Friday, May 19, 2006

A mixed affair

Some things aren't meant to be. The one-day international that shouldn't have been, did get to be - albeit a slightly truncated affair; and much as I thought I would have no time to watch the game, I did, but the Internet Gods didn't co-operate. No stream for me. But at the end it was sweet relief - especially if you were a Kaif fan, which I am, and remain. An unbeaten 66 to clinch a win off the penultimate ball in an opening international game is a fine way to start a return to form (Yes, only "start" for now). India's opening statement was of mixed value: Captain Courageous still held the innings together; the opening bowlers went for plenty (that man Gayle can have that effect on you); but its much vaunted young brigade did pull its weight in a few different ways. The Windies, on the other hand, look like they need to spend more time doing fielding drills.

Heres hoping I have more luck with the Net, and that the weather stays fine for tomorrow.


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