Monday, May 15, 2006

A "great escape"?

Sri Lanka seem close to turning this Lords test match into either a great escape (which still looks unlikely) or into their own version of Headingley 1967 (yes, 1967, not 1981). Go look it up. What they really need to survive from here are all of the following: a long innings from Vaas; an irritating blast of 30-40 runs in true Murali style; some rain; a couple of early wickets; and lastly, some Murali magic. The odds of all of those occuring together make their great escape unlikely, but at the very least they have shown some very serious backbone and can be proud of their fightback. [Like Headingley 1967, the press wrote them off early, predicting early finishes, while not going light on the disparagement of the cricketing abilities]


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