Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Great escape indeed

It must have been terrible for English fans to have watched their team "drop" this last test match, but Sri Lankan fans would have been ecstatic at the fightback that their team put up on the 4th and 5th days. I didn't think that a century partnership for the 9th wicket would figure anywhere, but it did, and it must have driven the crowd nuts. Much of the analysis that has followed the game has focused on Flintoff's admittedly half-arsed captaincy, and English catching, which is fair enough. Nine drops are ridiculous, and underbowling Panesar to the extent that Flintoff did, was also silly. Sri Lanka still need to get English wickets though in order to really test the English. "Great escapes" save matches; they rarely win them. Vaas needs to find that elusive English form, and Murali needs to rediscover the magic he has shown in English summers past. But thats still only two bowlers. Anyone else willing to put their hand up?


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