Sunday, May 14, 2006

Faux optimism

There goes the ICC, clutching at straws again, expressing optimism about developing cricket in North America. In response to the plans being hatched by the West Indian and Indian boards to play one-day internationals in Canada and the US. Nothing of that sort will happen; yes, thousands of expats will come to watch the match; local newspapers will comment on the curious goings-on at whichever stadium is chosen as the venue; perhaps radio hosts will have a chuckle or two; and that will be the end of it. Oh, and of course, the two boards will make lots of money. If some of the money will help the WICB fund its development programmes in the Caribbean, then the exercise will have been worth it. But, please, can we drop the charade about this doing anything for the game in the US? The US is hard, stony, ground for the cricketing seed in every respect. Give it up already.


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