Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Data points

Brief data points from today's ODI still in progress:

Sehwag commences a return to form [he would have preferred than ton, but its better than nothing; I fear though that he needs to do much more work before he will be a success in the tests, what with his persistent problems with the ball directed at his head]; Kaif continues his return [though, worryingly, he still shows an episodic bility to rack up dot balls]; Dravid takes a day off [saying, "you guys do some work, I'm back in the pavilion"]; Jeremy Coney proves himself to be fairly pompous commentator [in fact, almost insufferably so]; Tony Cozier seethes quietly as Dean Jones hypes the Indian batting, hoping he can prick this particular balloon, and restore some West India pride in the face of this latest upstart.


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