Monday, April 10, 2006


Over at Fatullah, Bangladesh are putting the squeeze on Australia, which has provoked this excited reaction from Rabeed Imam:

"Now surely there won't be any nagging complaints from the perennial Bangladesh bashers. This team can play, maybe better than a lot of other international sides who face Australia in a Test." ("a lot of"? Like who? Zimbabwe? Is that such a good comparison?)


"[D]on't ever underestimate the Tigers again, because they are fast learning the art of biting back. India in 2004, Australia in 2005, Sri Lanka in 2006. This can't be mere coincidence" (Well, coincidence in that all of those games were one-day internationals?)

Then, the clincher:

"In the real world a kangaroo is no match for the Royal Bengal Tiger. For the past 48 hours, Whatmore's Tigers have maintained that balance of nature." (In the real world, kangaroos don't encounter tigers.)

Phew. While Bangladesh's performance in this test has been fantastic, a little caution is needed, something that Imam himself alluded to: "There has been an Aussie style implementation and ruthlessness from the Bangladesh side in this Test so far..."

Yes, so far. Theres three days of cricket to go. I wouldn't write off the Aussies just yet. In the next post, a nice analysis from a friend Down Under.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is undoubtedly the best performance by Bangladehsh in Test cricket. Surely from this position, they cannot lose the game.
I am happy that there is a possiblity now of cricket becoming
popular in USA
because India will play some of its home matches there. I
think Bangladesh should do it too.

7:36 PM  

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