Friday, April 07, 2006


"Right-O, lads, now, anyone got any ideas on how we get back into this series?"


"Skip, I reckon I got a suggestion that might just work, a bit of the 'ol psychological warfare, if you will"

"Go ahead, Hoggy, don't be shy"

"Well, me and Kabir (living up to the wisdom of his namesake, as you'll see), think we should get the Indian media going to the other extreme now"

"Come again?"

"Well, if you'd noticed after the Mumbai test, everyone and their dog was going on about how the Indian team should just be sacked, including Dravid and Chappell?"


"Well, how about we call them the best team in the world?"


"Well, excuse moi, but can't you see whats going to happen? They'll get a barrage of questions about that, no one is going to bother with us any more, we can go back to playstations by the swimming pool, and if India even drop a single catch, or god forbid, lose a game, they'll have the devil of a time playing it down"


"Hoggy, ah reckon you're a genius"

"Thanks, skip, anything for you and England"


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