Monday, April 03, 2006

Goa, someday

I wish I could say something about Goa - the city where today's one-day international is being played - but other than the usual beaches, feni, church-and-bar-on-every-street, Goa trance, raves, sunshine, tourist huts, Catholic South India, Israeli kids, beautiful sunset, the Bombay-to-Goa movie and journey, Christmas and New Years parties, hippies, Sobhraj's arrest, fish curry, cold beer, honeymoons, ferries, and yes, Roger Binny, the man who helped India win the 1983 World Cup, I've got nothing to talk about. I've never been there; a huge, gaping hole in my set of travel experiences. Someday, perhaps even to watch a one-day international cricket game. Hope springs eternal and all that.


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