Thursday, April 13, 2006

Close shaves and saunas

If Bangladesh have indeed arrived in test cricket, as has been suggested after their three-wicket loss to Australia (a much closer result than I had thought, and indicative of some serious fighting spirit), then it can only be good for test cricket. I must confess, I do not have a clear handle of the composition of the team, or even who their stars have been, or could be. But after this test, some of that has changed. I think I can name a few of their players, and I'm already looking forward to the second test of the series.

I'm probably more interested in that game now, than I am in this increasingly desultory one-day international series that is headed for its anti-climactic end in Indore tomorrow. Hopefully, the terrible roasting the players suffered in Jamshedpur will convince someone that its not a good idea to be playing cricket this late into the so-called season.


Blogger kenelmdigby said...

Harsh comment Samir! Bangladesh have shown serious talent, dispersed and fragmented and incoherent in execution as it's been, for some years now. And this top performance came without serious input from Ashraful, arguably the only world-class bat in the side (Nafees's career being yet a pup). In fact the decisive factor in the 1st Test was not Ponting's utterly unworldly form, or even Bashar's gruesome run-out, but the twin dismissals very late on day 1 and day 3 of the ludicrously talented 20-yr-old Aftab Ahmed to MacGill, holing out to mid-on (5/355 not 4/355) and then playing the worst slog in the history of Test cricket (5/124 instead of 4/124, 282 ahead ...). Miserable. These guys will be winning Tests very regularly within a few years.

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