Saturday, April 29, 2006

A Chopra in Blighty

My apologies for having fallen off the blogging map recently (well, last week). As I explained, I was moving, and lacked Internet access. Then, I had to travel to Chicago, and getting cheap, convenient Wi-Fi access seemed pretty tough; I'm not sure why. In any case, I'm back in Brooklyn, and trying to get life back to normal. On that note, I'd like to acknowledge Akash Chopra, who will be writing about his experiences in English League Cricket again this summer. I personally consider Chopra's dropping for the third test against Pakistan in 2004 to be the start of a small slide in India's test fortunes. (Despite India winning that match, yes; the result merely covered up an astonishingly bad decision to send Pakistan in to bat, and postponed a resolution of India's opener problem, one still not solved). Chopra is an articulate man (No, I'm not biased because I share a last name with him!); I wish we had more like him in Indian cricket. Check out his first piece; and keep an eye on him. He probably will never make it back to the Indian test team, but he'll give Delhi yeoman service for sure.


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