Monday, April 03, 2006

Bike rides and snipers

So India wrapped up the Goa game after a little partnership between Collingwood and Jones got in the way of a Indian cruise sparked off by the now-usual early strikes by Pathan. The obligatory post-match ceremony for man-of-the-match saw Yuvraj and Dhoni ride off into the sunset (May I make a suggestion: if Dhoni wins the award in the series, he should offer a ride to one of the English players - it'd be a nice touch, I think).

Almost as interesting (well, I exaggerate) was the sniping match between Srinath and Hussain in the commentary box (while Collingwood and Jones attempted dig in a bit after six wickets). Srinath went on bleating on about how England were letting the run rate mount too high, and about how this was going nowhere and so on. Nasser attempted to steer clear of this by suggesting that England needed to last the 50 overs, and get stuck in. Sri persisted, so at one point Nasser decided to bring up the collapse on the last day of the Mumbai test ("the boys don't want to let England down; I was disappointed with India on the last day of the Mumbai test; after 15 days you just throw it away"). Well, the two soon left the air, but Nasser came back later and repeated his point to Sivaramakrishnan, and then Sri went on to try and make his case (inarticulately as usual) twice in the closing wrap-up. Geez. Give it a rest. I wouldn't mind Srinath's point if he could just express himself clearly and not sound so damn pompous and judgemental.


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