Thursday, April 20, 2006

Back you go

John Sutton did think that my comments on Bangladesh were harsh (see below - I'm not 100% sure which of my three or so posts he was referring to, but probably the one where I took Rabeed Imam's slightly flowery language to task) and to a certain extent, after the first test, I agreed. I didn't think my remarks about not remembering all the names of the Bangladeshi players was harsh, as it was a honest one. They just haven't made that much of an impact on me. In any case, with the second test in the series now behind us, it seems that Bangladesh have, to trot out a well-worn cliche, taken two steps backward in their quest for respectability. Losing by an innings was not a good idea; letting Jason Gillespie score a double hundred bordered on the ridiculous. Talk about ensuring that, for a long time, all centuries against Bangladesh will be devalued. Its not too difficult to imagine the conversation "Well, Strauss did score a century against Bangladesh.." "What? Come off it...even bloody Gillespie got a double ton off that lot!"


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