Tuesday, March 14, 2006

This beautiful game

So, some good news for all of us inclined to wax philosophical on the beautiful game. I'm happy to report that an edited collection of essays (including one by yours truly!) on the philosophy of cricket, titled, At the Boundaries of Cricket: Philosophical Reflections on the Noble Game, has been accepted for publication. It will appear both as a special issue of the journal, Sport in Society and as a book in the series, Sport in the Global Society, both published by Taylor and Francis on behalf of IRCSSS (International Research Centre for Sport, Socialization, Society) at De Montfort University. Some minor issues need to be cleared, such as some copyright permissions. But otherwise, all systems are go. I'm happy to see that two of my good friends, David Coady and John Sutton, both make an appearance (one as a co-author!). Please spread the word if you find this interesting.

Here is the table of contents: (I will post a link to the chapter abstracts very soon including, obviously, one to the Chopra and Coady essay!).

1. Introduction. At the boundaries of cricket (Jeremy McKenna)

2. Not Cricket (Samir Chopra & David Coady)

3. Rorty, Cricket and Unfamiliar Movements. History of metaphors in a sporting practice (Terry Roberts)

4. Cricket and the Liberalist World View (Sampie Terreblanche)

5. Batting, Habit and Memory. The embodied mind and the nature of skill (John Sutton)

6. Cricket and the Karmayoga. A comparative study of peak performance (Simon Brodbeck)

7. Cricket and Moral Commendation (Jonathan Evans)

8. Cricket and Representivity. The case of race quotas in team selection (Douglas Farland & Ian Jennings)

9. All Equal Under the Sun. A normative analysis of the Duckworth-Lewis rule (Kurt Devooght)

10. The Art of Cricket and Cricket as Art (C.L.R. James)


Blogger Russ said...

Samir, a couple of those links don't work, but when they do, I'm looking forward to them.

6:11 AM  
Blogger Samir Chopra said...

Russ: I'll send you a copy of the paper with Coady. Tony had posted a link to the shorter version of the paper but you might be interested in the full version as well. The book never came out but we did get that special issue of Sports and Society.


2:58 PM  

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