Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Kiss and make up

One little moment in the last one-day international that went unnoticed (not by television though), was the bump-fest between Yuvraj and Umar Gul. Gul finished his delivery, went through on his follow-through, and got pretty close to Yuvraj, stares and all. Yuvraj stepped forward, letting Gul have a bit of the 'ol shoulder in the chest. Gul responded with a 'ol chest pushed back trick. Standard shoving, just not seen on a cricket field all that often. Dean Jones was loving it in the commentators box, and even I found it quite amusing. A few minutes later, things got funnier. Inzi must have noticed the incident, and with a little grin on his face, stepped over to make the young'uns shake hands and make up. It was a classic schoolyard moment. Gul's sheepish grin was revelatory - he looked embarassed by the whole thing, and rather wished he hadn't been called on by his captain. Yuvraj's expression wasn't visible, but his reaction, after Inzi started to walk away, was. He called out to Gul again, who again beamed, and stuck out his hand. Gul accepted again, and more shaking ensued. A cheery moment, compared to the glowering, sulking and pouting that Akhtar and Sami put us through.


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