Monday, February 13, 2006

Have mercy

Timezone differences make for brutal demands on the body when trying to keep up with cricket in the subcontinent (I know, I've complained about this before). But last night's one-day international (a day-night game being played at Lahore) was especially problematic. It started at 1 AM and went on till 845AM. I stayed awake till one, caught most of the Pakistani innings, dropped off to sleep at 4 or so (shortly before Pakistan's innings ended), and then awoke, bleary-eyed, to try and struggle through India's chase. Tendulkar's partnership with Yuvraj woke me up, the mini-collapse jolted me wide-awake, and then Dhoni eased me into a more relaxed state, before Pakistan's Prez-in-Chief had us in stitches after the awards. That man knows how to extract propaganda value out of everything - who'da thunk he was going to show up at Gaddafi Stadium for the awards ceremony, and corner the microphone afterwards to give Dhoni advice on hairstyles?


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