Monday, February 27, 2006

All is not lost yet

English injuries and misfortunes have now reached alarming proportions, and are sure to provoke the sort of gloomy predictions being made by Christopher Martin-Jenkins in the Times. I don't think this sort of pessimism is warranted however, for plenty can still go wrong for the Indians as Nasser Hussain quickly points out. Nasser is a clever man, and he's only doing what he has done plenty of times in the past: having a sledge at his opponents, and stressing (as he did back in 2002 when India toured England), that opponents, who are favored to win, get treated as losers if they merely draw, or do not win convincingly enough. India will be favored to win now, (I never bought the pre-series tips of them as clear favorites), and the expectations will be immense.


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