Friday, January 13, 2006

Nope, it ain't

I don't think these sentences - taken from Cricinfo's Tour Diary - work:

"It’s a fine moment to witness, when the crowd interacts with the player, and when the players responds. It’s one of those ontological joys of watching cricket."

Vaidyanthan wants something other than 'ontological' in there. I think he is trying to say something like "its one of the most fundamental, or basic, joys" or something along those lines. But if thats what he is getting at, he is using the wrong word. If he is using 'ontological' as in "of or relating to essence or the nature of being", then is he saying that it is one of the "essential" joys of cricket? Or one of the constitutive joys of cricket? If its either of those two, then he should just use those words. "Ontological" only serves to obfuscate in this case.


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