Wednesday, January 18, 2006


So, Sehwag is getting slammed for his comments professing ignorance of Mankad, Roy and their world record for the opening wicket. Read this link to get a sampling of the comments. I find some of the comments a bit smarmy, but understandable. Ramachandra Guha's take on it seems the most balanced to me. [Frankly, I'd rather have Sehwag, who can actually score runs by the bucket against Pakistan, than a history major who can't handle pace bowling].

Its worth remembering what Brian Lara said after the Windies made 418 to win against Australia. I quote, with some imperfection, of course: "I looked at the scoreboard of the last time it was done [India made 403-4 to beat the West Indies in Port of Spain, 1976]. It wasn't a big deal. A couple of guys made 100s and one guy made 50 or so."

The "two guys" were Gavaskar and Vishwanath. The third guy was Mohinder Amarnath, whose epic 400-minute innings of 85 held the innings together. I'm betting Lara had no idea who any of those players were. And thats shocking coming from a Trini.


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