Sunday, January 15, 2006

Confusion - Part I

I'm seriously thinking of nominating Bob Woolmer for Confused Person of the Year award. I will make this case in two posts (there is just so much to go on).

In reverse chronological order, first, we have this gem:

"I have always rated Sehwag. We've studied lots of ways of bowling at him and certain bowlers tend to get him out quite easily. Ntini seems to have the wood on him." Sehwag averaged 98.2 against Pakistan before this series and has hit three hundreds against them, including one triple and one double. "He plays well against Pakistan; certain cricketers like playing against certain teams."

Isn't interesting how its always the batsmen with averages over 50 that have been sussed out by "certain bowlers"? And that line about "certain cricketers like playing against certain teams" is a complete throw-away. Are they strong teams or are they weak teams? Please clarify, Bob.


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