Sunday, December 18, 2005

Cricket on the stream

So, I've gone ahead and subscribed to two different cricket telecast packages from Willow TV. An old friend Vijay Srinvasan either runs the company or was one of its founders. On broadband, picture quality is decent. All thats missing is decent time zones - tests in India start at 11 PM EST and go on till 6 AM. Tests in Australia are much, much better. The Perth test starts at 930 PM EST.

Getting both this year was a necessity. I always feel starved for cricket - so the India tests were a non-brainer. As for the Australian/RSA series, this is the first southern summer in four years that I'm not headed Down Under, so I'll have to get my summer fix by getting a bit of the cricket on the stream. Slip, slap, slop, and I'm done. (I'll deal with the bad sleep patterns later).


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